Recent government measures have had a huge impact on all walks of life, but one of the biggest impacts for many people was the postponement of all sports, including our beloved football. So what’s the plan if this happens again? We’ve come up with 8 of the best activities to fill the void if football is cancelled again.

Play as your team in a video game

Use the time to compete with the very best and see if you can make your team champions in your favourite video game. Play the full season from the beginning or start over and see where your team can finish. You can even play online with friends to keep the communication lines flowing. Another option is to be the boss and make all of the key decisions for your team as the football manager and see how the season would finish if you were in charge.

Old school board games

Why not get in the garage and dust of that game of Subbuteo. The table top classic is great fun for all the family and means no time looking at a screen. It’s also a great way to teach younger fans about formations and rules of the game.

Take a history lesson

Learn the history of your team through some classic books. Football Gifts offers a personalised history book of your team over the last century filled with news reports written at the time.
Check out the greatest hits of your favourite team online or perhaps ook for some classic games, goals or highlights of that wonderful season we all remember so fondly.

Invest in a foosball table

Since you won’t be watching any live games, create your own fictional game from the comfort of your home by competing with the family. It’s not quite the same but can be an exciting alternative.

Binge football movies

There is so much available on all the major streaming options why not catch up on some of those classic football films or documentaries. Check out Escape to Victory, GOAL or Sunderland Till I Die for some gripping TV.

It may not be quite the same, but if football is cancelled again then at least you can still keep the football magic alive.