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Birmingham City Football Gifts – Personalised for the Blue nose in your life!

Birmingham City football gifts are an ideal way to celebrate the history of the club. Birmingham City FC – who like many football clubs founded in the 19th Century, began as a team of church cricketers – were the first ever English league club to play a match in Europe.

The Blues were also the first side to field a player worth one million pounds, Trevor Francis, and they were the first team to be promoted straight up to the top flight from the Third Division.

In addition to these unique football records, Birmingham FC have enjoyed much team success over the past hundred years.

We have searched through our newspaper archives to find match reports on some of the best and most significant Birmingham City wins from the club’s history and incorporated them into our Football Books and Calendars.

So for the perfect birmingham city football gifts for that Bluenose in your life why not check these out!

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