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Looking for Bristol Rovers Football Gifts? Just when you were thinking of plumping for the latest shirt or a season ticket for a football fan, consider the Personalised Bristol Rovers Football Book. Inside are reprints of original newspaper reports from the Daily Mirror, starting in the early part of the 20th century and finishing very recently.

What’s more, a personalised football book very much lives up to its name, with the chance to include your chosen Name on a certificate on the inside-front page. Better yet, for a small amount extra, you can also have the Name embossed on the front cover. While on the subject of front covers, various types are available, from a canvas effect to full-on leather.

Picking things up in 1913, following a 1-0 third-round win over Norwich City, this football books goes on to cover all of The Pirates’ ups and downs – right up to the end of last season.

This Bristol Rovers Football Book is the perfect way for any Pirate to reminisce. Not only does it include some of the club’s finest victories over the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea, it also features – through reprints of original newspaper reports – five fantastic wins over rivals, City, in ’63, ’87, ’91, ’92 and 2000. More than that though, it’s an opportunity to look back over the careers of Rovers’ greats, including Jack Pitt, Ray Warren, George Petherbridge, Harry Bamford, Alfie Biggs, Bobby Jones, Harold Jarmen, Stuart Taylor, the club’s record goalscorer Geoff Bradford and cult hero Ian Holloway.

All the articles are printed on luxury paper and independently cut and bound in a hardback book.

Now available with colour print option for coverage from 2006 onwards.

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