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Burnley Football Gifts – Personalised for the Burnley fan in your life!

Looking for Burnley Football Gifts? While fans just see football as a way of life, for some of us, it’s the bane of it and drives us completely loopy. For those of you who don’t share the same level of gusto as your partner, friend or relative for this much-loved ball game, it can be tricky to know what to buy them, especially if they have everything already, from the latest kit to hats and scarves emblazoned with their favourite team. And all you get when you ask them what they want is “anything Burnley” or “something Burnley”.

These personalised football gifts will please anyone who’s fanatical about the sport; they’ll read all about their top team’s rich history through newspaper coverage, written by reporters who were present at the match at that time, including the famous League and Cup wins, memorable games and the stars themselves – past and present.

Kicking off in 1913 with Burnley’s first FA Cup win, and concluding with their single season in the Premier League, this football book covers all the club’s ups and downs for the past century.

The post World War II period was a golden time for the Clarets. In the 17 years following 1945, they won two more FA Cups and topped the old Division One. Much tougher times would follow, before fans could enjoy a resurgence in the late 80s and a season in the Premier League. Every last bit of it is included in this football book – through reprints of original reports and newspaper coverage – along with the exploits of the Burnley greats like Jimmy Adamson, Jimmy McIlroy, Jerry Dawson, George Beel and manager, Harry Potts. In short, it’s a great gift for any Burnley fan and the perfect excuse to reminisce.

All the articles are printed on luxury paper and independently cut and bound in a hardback book.

Now available with colour print option for coverage from 2006 onwards.

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