Personalised QPR Football Gifts

The perfect choice for a Queens Park Rangers fan!

Personalised QPR Football Gifts – for the QPR fan in your life!

Know a fan who is literally married to football? Do they worship it like a religion? Does nothing delight them more on a Saturday than immersing themselves in the footie, all day long, either at home or in the pub with the lads?

Luckily, there are ample football gifts ideas available. Although the high street gift shops might look tempting, you may want to think about something a little different, something that shows you’ve put a bit of consideration into the gift. And here’s your answer: personalised football books.

Kicking things off in 1914, this QPR Football Book tracks the R’s fortunes through to the end of last season. It includes all the club’s biggest triumphs and plenty on their most successful stars.

As you’d expect, all of QPR’s biggest moments since 1914 feature in this book, from Division Two and Three titles, to a League Cup in 1967. It’s more than just that, though. Using reprints of original newspaper reports, it’s also your chance to recollect the club’s ups and downs, the plastic pitch, the Premier League years and that 4-1 win at Old Trafford. And, of course, it’s also your opportunity to recount the exploits of legends like George Goddard, Tony Ingham, Rodney Marsh and Les Ferdinand. In short, it’s a must for any die-hard Hoops fan.

All the articles are printed on luxury paper and independently cut and bound in a hardback book.

Now available with colour print option for coverage from 2006 onwards.

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