Personalised Sheffield United Football Gifts

The perfect choice for a Sheffield United fan!

Personalised Sheffield United Football Gifts – for the Sheffield United fan in your life!

Looking for Personalised Sheffield United Football Gifts? Though fanatics just see football as a way of life, for some of us, it’s the bane of it and drives us completely barmy. For those who don’t share the same level of delight as your loved one for the beautiful game, it can be difficult to know what to buy them, especially if they have everything already, from the latest kit to hats and scarves decorated with their favourite team.

Thankfully, that’s where the Sheffield United Football Book comes in. Extremely popular, these gifts will be utter winners with any football fanatic and come complete with newspaper cuttings and articles on all the magnificent moments in their football team’s history.

Founded in 1889, but picking things up 23 years later, in 1912, this Football Book charts Sheffield United’s fortunes – from successful league campaigns and Cup Finals, to the Premier League years.

Here’s a football book that really gets going with a bang, thanks to the club’s FA Cup success in 1915. Ten years later they secured their fourth, before being edged out in the 1936 final. As you’d expect, they all feature here, through reprints of original newspaper reports. And on top of that, the Blades’ Second and Fourth Division titles of 1953 and 1982 are also included, while just as importantly, you’ll also get to read about the exploits of club greats, including Joe Shaw, Harry Johnson, Len Badger, Tony Currie and Alan Woodward. All in all, it’s a great gift for any lifelong Blades fan.

All the articles are printed on luxury paper and independently cut and bound in a hardback book.

Now available with colour print option for coverage from 2006 onwards.

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