A3 Beatles Newspaper Book – Black Leather



You can add a name to the front cover and a name and message to the label inside this product.



This A3 Beatles Newspaper Book celebrates the four young men from Liverpool, whose music took the world by storm and who became the pop icons of the 1960s. Beatlemania started in the UK in 1963 and followed the Fab Four everywhere they went, as screaming fans across the globe packed venues and airports to get a glimpse of their idols. National newspaper reports from the time are reproduced here to provide a snapshot of life with the Beatles. Their phenomenal rise to fame, their break up, the death of John Lennon, manager Brian Epstein and George Harrison. The Beatle’s music will live on and this collection of news in our A3 Beatles Newspaper Book will help to keep their memory alive too. Bound in luxury black hard back leather, gold embossed cover, this is a superb memento for any Beatle fan. The introduction page can be personalized with a name and a message and the front cover can also be gold embossed with a name. Size 380X310mm.

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