A3 Boxing Newspaper Book – Black Leather Cover


A blow by blow account of some of the greatest bouts in history and the legends behind them.

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Some of the greatest boxers from the past 100+ years are featured in this historic record. And the self-acclaimed greatest of them all Cassius Clay /Muhammad Ali is just one of them. Long before Ali, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney and Joe Louis were becoming legends. Rocky Marciano followed, and his bout with brave Brit Don Cokell is recorded here. So too is ‘Our ‘Enery’ Cooper’s near victory over Clay and Bruno’s brutal scrap with Tyson. The more skilful, lighter weight fighters such as Jim Watt, Barry McGuigan, Eubank and Amir Khan have earned their places in this record. Reproduced from original national newspapers the reports were posted by reporters and photographers who were watching the action as it happened. All articles from 2006 onwards are printed in full colour. The collection is contained in a black luxury, gold embossed, leather hard cover with a name embossed on the front. The recipient’s name and a message is also included on the title page. Size 380x310mm.