Personalised Sunderland White label Vodka in a Silk Lined Box


A personalised bottle of Sunderland vodka is a unique gift for a fan for occasion.

Text Personalisations


Vodka is one of the oldest, most versatile and most popular spirits in the world. And you’ll be very popular too when you give this personalised bottle of Sunderland AFC vodka to your favourite Black Cats fan. Not only is this gift beautifully presented in a luxurious black giftbox, but the bottle’s label is printed with the recipient’s name and the SAFC logo. There’s also a personal message from you to make this a unique and individual gift. This vodka is wonderfully smooth, created by a process of triple distillation and is delicious with a mixer, on its own or as the basis for an exotic cocktail. Presented in a silk-lined premium giftbox

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