If you want to give a great gift to someone then a good place to start is usually with something they have asked for. However, the reality is that often the person receiving the gift hasn’t said what they would like. Alternatively, they don’t know what they want or are reluctant to say what they would like. Or, you may just simply want it to be a surprise.

If you’re anything like us, you might not be the most “on top of it” gift giver in the world. Often we can spend hours trying to find the perfect gift, agonising over what to get for those special people in our lives. Perhaps your nephew’s birthday is fast approaching and you need something, “anything“ for him. Perhaps your sister is still waiting for her overdue Christmas present. Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with these top footy gifts.

If the person you want to find that special present for just happens to be a dyed in the wool Arsenal supporter, then you have just scored.

Our personalised Arsenal football gifts are the perfect present for any Arsenal fan.

Personalised Arsenal Football Book

If you’re feeling generous and want to spend a little more money on your gift, then a personalised Arsenal football book might just be the ticket. Featuring a lengthy history of all the facts and interesting stories from Arsenal’s last one hundred years.

All the reports are from Daily Mirror reporters who actually attended the matches. Therefore, it gives a true insight to every single game. In true journalism style, the book is tabloid size and features a stylish leatherette cover. For a further £5 the cover can even be embossed with the recipient’s name. For a true Arsenal supporter it doesn’t get much better. Plus, it’s something to treasure in the future!

In addition to this a personal short message to the recipient can be included enscripted.

The personalised football book is full of photographs that capture the teams special moments. For those Arsenal supporters who have been around for a few years, this book will bring back wonderful memories, names of former players and the success they had will come flooding back and remind you of long forgotten games. For the younger Arsenal supporter you will be able to read about the rich and very successful history of the club you love.


This gift will make a fantastic present and will most definitely be loved by any Arsenal supporters.